Monday, June 14, 2010

Start an Organic Garden

So you've probably heard, from me or from others, that organic produce is a must and that seasonal organic produce is even better. I mean how fresh can those organic pears from Argentina be anyway?

This of course is where "Locally Grown" organic produce comes into play; when it's organic seasonal and grown locally you know it's pretty darn fresh, but can we still do better that?

The answer is yes, it's called your back yard. OK, we all don't have tons of land in which to grow big lush gardens, but that's alright. Your garden can be as big or small as you want it to be, even if that means a few potted organic tomato and pepper plants... it's a start.

You can't get fresher produce than walking out your back door and picking it right before you cook!

Big or small though, make sure your garden is organic. That means buy organic seeds (or plants), and when you replant them into whatever area (yard or larger pot) that will ultimately become their home, make sure you use organic potting soil; and never ever spray them to kill bugs!

So grow some organic veggies and reap the benefits!

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