Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ah to be a kid again

As I was walking by a woman's cubical at work this morning I noticed her son (working as a summer intern) had left a McDonald's coffee coolatta next to a bag of McDonald's something or other, and I thought to myself; Ah to be a kid again...

I said this but probably not for the reason that you're thinking. I sometimes wish I was a kid again, not solely for that youthful naive innocence, or that sheer lack of responsibility and stress, but so I could make better smarter healthier dietary decisions. We've all heard someone say, or said it ourselves, "Ah to be a kid again", but it's often in response to the carefree worry-free dietary choices (i.e. junk food). What we often fail to realize, or simply choose not to see, are the detrimental life threatening effects of a poor diet at this age even though childhood obesity and diabetes are epidemics in this country. We assume that a fast metabolism and more active childhood lifestyle (pre-Nintendo that is) will take care of these mistakes, but the sad hard truth is we pay for them when we are older and with interest.

So the next time we see these unhealthy dietary choices being made by children, let's not wish we were that age again simply so we could take part in these unhealthy decisions, but rather use the knowledge you have today, learned either the hard way or through basic curiosity, and not only keep focused on that healthy path you're on but teach these healthy ways to the younger generation before it's too late.

Eat Healthy! Fresh locally grown organic produce, pastured meets, and natural whole grains and legumes; with a diet like that you can't help but be young again.

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