Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Soapbox

I'm not one to publicly get on the soapbox and give unsolicited advice to any and all who will listen, which is why I have this blog. This is my soapbox, here for all to read if they choose... no strings, no ties. I am always willing to give advise or talk about what I know and what I've learned to any and all who ask and care to listen, but public debates and or tirades are not my style.

I've learned a lot in a relatively short time, slowly but steadily changing my views and unhealthy ways when it comes to health diet and lifestyle, from the more misguided mainstream way to the healthier more enlightened and eye-opening natural organic way. It started more or less about 4 years ago when I read Kevin Trudeau's "Natural Cures " They don't want you to know about"... it was eye-opening to say the least, and as a matter of fact it was so shocking in an accusing conspiracy kind of way that I was only able to initially "buy into" some of it. It not only caused the start of my transition into a more organic healthy lifestyle, but it caused me to constantly question where the loyalty of the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing companies lied.

Over the next few years I slowly transitioned further as I educated myself with more reading (see my list of informative books) as well as with the diagnosis of my food allergies (soy in particular) that unintentionally yet drastically made one of the biggest impacts on my diet. Unfortunately soy is found in nearly all overly processed prepackaged foods, and THANKFULLY soy is found in nearly all overly processed prepackaged foods! I've said it before... my soy allergy was and is a blessing in disguise!

The next major eye opener on my road to "healthy" was a book by Michael Pollan "The Omnivore's Dilemma". It not only reemphasized the need to be skeptical with the large corporations running our food industry, but to remain aware and to continually educated on the subject. It drove home the importance of Organic Free-Grazed and Grass-Fed meets and eggs and locally grown organic produce of any kind. It helped me realize that although organic is extremely important, it is the true definition of the word that should be understood and practiced and not simply the generic use of the word. I now see that it's inevitable that as organic foods becomes more and more popular and "in demand" by the public that it too can become tainted as the large corporations that currently poison our food supply jump on board driven solely by greed.

If you're not a "reader" and would rather a visual to drive this home then rent the movie "Food Inc", it's not quite as informative but touches on most of the same topics and even includes interviews with Michael Pollan.

The truth is I've come a long way in a short time, but by no means do I feel like I know it all... I'm always learning new things, many eye-opening but all helpful and informative. This lifestyle I've chosen and that my wife and I continue to follow is a passion of mine, a religion if you will, and because without the personal stories and detailed facts I've learned from others I wouldn't know what I know now, I will continue to use this blog as my soapbox for all to read.

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