Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cancer Risks could be just a Dr.'s Visit Away

Today's headlines say it all...

"Biggest radiation threat is due to medical scans"

"Popular blood pressure pills linked to cancer"

Both of these have become common tools in today's American medical practice, whether it's a popular test used to help diagnose a problem or common prescription intended to save your life, the scary truth is clear; cancer risks may only be a Dr.'s visit away.

Be it MRI CAT or CT scans, imaging has become far too overused with far too little research done on the negative effects due to radiation exposure, or should I say far too little attention paid by our medical community... These eye-opening facts may be hard to swallow but they're not new, as a matter of fact these dangers have been known for years and highly warned against by non-medical non-mainstream natural healers.

So why are they ordered so frequently by Dr.'s?

My guess is just like pharmaceutical companies pushing cancer causing drugs, marketing them as miracle "fix for what ails you", it's all about money power and influence. The money to push their product (drug or machine) and persuade the medical community, and the power to keep the government watchdogs at bay...

So what can you do? Be aware! Educate yourself and don't be afraid to question those who appear to have your best interest at heart.

Better yet look to Nature's Medicine Cabinet for a healthier you!

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