Monday, June 21, 2010

A Healthy Oil Spill

Oils can be a very healthy part of your diet, whether its olive oil, canola, coconut, avocado, peanut... But there are a few details (or guidelines) you should try and adhere to.

  1. Chooses "organic unrefined first cold pressed" for the most nutritional benefit, and remember that sediment you may see at the bottom of the bottle is the good stuff so give it a shake before you use it.
  2. Never buy oil that comes in a plastic container; studies show that chemicals from the plastic can and will leech into the oil rendering it an unhealthy and even toxic mess. Choose glass bottles (tinted if possible to reduce light exposure) that seal tightly.
  3. Time is of the essence, so make sure the oil is not too old; many oils (the better brands) will print the date in which they were pressed on the label to show you exactly how old they are.
  4. Each oil has a different smoke point which makes certain ones better for a particular uses (frying, broiling, baking, marinating, or simply uncooked) so read the label. An important note to remember here is unrefined oils will have a lower smoke point, so if you buy your olive oil unrefined then choose another oil for higher temps such as avocado, or canola.
Just remember to choose the oil based on what you will use it for; avocado for frying or unrefined olive oil for salads and marinates, coconut or peanut for their unique and distinct flavors, or any of them for their health benefits, and then pour it on!

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