Friday, February 1, 2013

Fat and Cholesterol are our friends!

One of the most unhealthy misconceptions brought forth over the last century was started by one German Scientist and Procter & Gamble, an all to eager company quick to buy in.  In no time at all what has been called one of the most brilliant marketing schemes paved the way for a very deadly product.  A "lard lookalike" that was anything but, and so Crisco was born!  The marketing ploy... that Crisco, a vegetable oil originally made from cottonseed, was low in saturated fat and cholesterol. .  And what a marketing scheme it was!  Sure it boosted the cottonseed industry but at what cost?  This deadly piece of false misleading nutritional information was solidified in the American diet by the mid-50's when a man by the name of Dr. Keys published a flawed misleading paper that compared saturated fat intake with heart disease.  His misleading cherry-picked data painted an ugly picture that Americans were quick to eat with spoon. 

Fast forward to present time and most Americans still believe that a healthy diet is one that is low in cholesterol and saturated fat.  Unfortunately all we have to show for it is an unhealthy society severely plagued by the very diseases (heart disease, diabetes, obesity...) that were supposed to be avoided, and that could only result from such poor nutritional advice. 

If this were true, wouldn't maintaining a diet low saturated fat and cholesterol lead to a healthier you?

Tell me this, why then are there more people suffering from these diseases than back 100+ years ago when people were not afraid of saturated fat (be it coconut or animal based)?

The only ones that have gained from this poor and deadly dietary advice have been those who profit either directly or indirectly from this sort of lifestyle; the companies that make/sell/distribute these products and the medical industry and pharmaceutical companies that have millions of Americans hooked on their magic pill.

The truth is 50% or more of your diet should come from a healthy saturated fat source like coconuts, organic pastured eggs and meats.  And what about that deadly 'C' word... Cholesterol?  It turns out there may not be a more crucial player in a healthy diet!  Cholesterol is used by nearly every cell in the body and without it we cannot survive.  Some of the latest research links low cholesterol due to diet and cholesterol lowing drugs, may be the real causes of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and more!

Do the research for yourself, it might just save your life!

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