Friday, January 18, 2013

Don't Worry Coca-Cola will save us...

I just wanted to share this link that my cousin sent me... very interesting!  Not surprising (to me), but interesting none the less. 

It's a good example of how those companies that are a direct 'part of the problem' when it comes to our country's poor state of health, can paint a very different picture.  One putting them at the forefront of "part of the solution", and in such a way that most uninformed consumers wouldn't be the wiser!

So give this YouTube video a watch, get a good laugh, but know that to them this is very serious business.  How serious you ask?  Worth spending millions if not billions a year on marketing and ad campaigns to try and convince the public that their researchers are looking to make their soft drink healthier.  The only truth in this landfill of BS is that they are spending this astronomical amount of money to make their product appear healthier.

Question everything!

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