Friday, January 4, 2013

Be healthy in 2013

Let me kick off the new year with a shout out to Ethel Hoover, a nurse (former nurse) at an Indiana hospital, who was fired for refusing a flu shot.  I am deeply sorry that she was ultimately let go by her employer but...


...for refusing to let our failing medical industry, government, and employers tell us what we should or should not do when it comes to our bodies and our health.  (see story here)

News flash people, the flu shot does NOT prevent the flu and in fact research shows (of course not the research anyone who profits from selling this profitable propaganda wants you to see) that those who take a flu shot are more likely to be susceptible to other strains of the flu with more severe symptoms.

If you want to prevent getting the flu (or any other illness for that matter) then you have to build and maintain a healthy immune system.  This cannot be done with a pill or shot or Rx of any kind.

Instead can only be obtained through  a healthy diet low in sugar and grains (glucose to the body).  One that promotes normal insulin response, a strong colony of healthy bacteria (healthy gut), and inhibits inflammation. 

Contrary to what the medical community (most doctors) as well as those that profit from our failing food system which is any company profiting from the factory farming industry (this includes drug companies and pharmaceutical companies) would like you to believe, a healthy diet is NOT one consisting of whole grains and low in cholesterol and saturated fat.

Our bodies need 'pastured' animal protein, animal fat (saturated fat) as well as fat soluble vitamins in order to run efficiently. 

  • This means stop with the egg whites and eat the yokes too!  (Organic Pastured Eggs)
  • This means stop eating that widely promoted whole grain breakfast and replace it with pastured eggs and bacon from pastured pork.  (It's actually good for you!)
  • Stop avoiding "red meat" and replacing it with turkey this and tofu that... Put meat (red and white) back into your diet, just make sure it's of the organic pastured variety.
  • Significantly cut down on processed foods, high in sugar and chemicals, and replace it with real homemade meals.
  • Start incorporating fermented foods into your diet so you can build up and maintain a healthy gut (immune system).
  •  Avoid all non-organic GMO products!  And any company that supports them for that matter!
  • Stop listening to your doctor who most likely profits (in one way or another) from the pharmaceutical industry and take your health and that of your family's into your own hands.
  • Look for a more natural and alternative approach to health and wellness. 
  • Question everything considered "mainstream" and "the norm"
Be smart in 2013 and educate yourself on what it really means to be healthy!


  1. Great start to the year, Mike!

  2. Thanks for this. Is there a way to get a link so that we can share this info via email to others?

  3. Thanks for your comment and interest! There is a link to the article I refer to (about the nurse) in the body of my post.


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