Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Parents, why are you still feeding your kids Cheerios?

I guess I can understand, at one time, how a cereal like Cheerios would have been considered ok to feed children... Based solely on a lesser of many evils that is.

I guess I can see why a parent at the time when homemade meals were beginning to be replaced with processed 'ready to eat' foods, would consider this a "go to meal" for children.  Or at a time when Saturday morning cartoons were beginning to dominate the air waves rotting children's minds, I can see why a parent might feel comfortable leaving their child to feed their face with a handful of these quick to dissolve relatively choke proof circles of empty calories, while their brains turned to mush much like the cereal in their mouths...

But with everything we now know about the harmful effects of consuming grains (especially gluten) and sugar as part of a regular diet, I find it tough to see why any parent would be so quick to make this their child's first solid food.

With everything we now know about the harmful effects of consuming GMO's, how could any parent give their child a food that has "modified corn starch, sugar" as two of the first three ingredients?  Especially when nearly all foods not labeled "100% Organic" that list corn as an ingredient, contain GMO corn.  And now with GMO sugar beets given the ok in the American market, you can bet that foods listing sugar as an ingredient contain this GMO as well.

And if for a second you have a hard time believing that this "wholesome heart healthy" food would contain such unhealthy ingredients, try asking the parent company 'General Mills' why they spent over 1 million dollars to fight proposition 37 which would have given consumers the right to know what's in their food by forcing companies to label all GMO ingredients?

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  1. I think best thing to do in light of the defeat of prop 37 is just stay away from any product (like you said not labeled 100% organic) that contains corn, soy, canola, cottonseed and sugar (amongst others). The industry's $45mil may have convinced CA voters to vote against the labeling but we still have the choice to make the purchase or not.


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