Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The flu vaccine is profit driven!

I don't see how it can be any more obvious that the flu vaccine, in this country, is for lack of a better word(s) "profit driven propaganda!"  There I said... now what?

Everywhere you turn the flu vaccine campaign is right there smack in your face!  Every grocery store, convenient store, and  drugstore has a table set up.  I've even seen them pushing it at the home improvement stores!

Someone tell me, how the hell does getting the flu shot improve your home?

I've heard of people losing their jobs over it, and kids held out of school because of it.  In fact this morning on the news I saw some kids parents being interviewed for this very reason.  Apparently the vaccine contains egg in some way and this kid is allergic to eggs.  So what do the parents do?  Exactly what you'd think, they refuse to let their child receive the vaccine.

But here is where I see obvious shady business driven by nothing short of $$$$$!

"These days its recommended that if your child does have an egg allergy, they still should get flu shot but in a monitored setting with an allergist who can monitor them in case they do get reaction, must be watched for at least 30 minutes,"

Now that is absurd!  The only way it seems possible that health care professionals (those supposedly looking out for your health and safety) would push this vaccine knowing someone is allergic to one of its ingredients, is because they are getting paid to.  It's business plain and simple!

Whether the "get your flu shot" campaign is coming from the pharmaceutical company who makes billions in profit for making and selling it, or a government who spends billions in taxpayer dollars to fund the pharmaceutical industry in their pursuit of getting the vaccine out to the public asap , or the doctors, pharmacies, and wherever else they're offered profits either directly or indirectly from giving them.  No matter how you slice this onion it stinks!

So as a concerned citizen (yes that means you) it's time to wake up to the cold hard facts.  The facts that clearly show that not only are you subjecting yourself to possible anaphylaxis due to its ingredients, or the VERY REAL risk of mercury toxicity especially if you get yours yearly, but the fact is they don't even work.  Statistics show that the overwhelming majority of those who receive the vaccine (90+ %) will receive no immunity. That means they will get the flu (or not) regardless of receiving the vaccine.  And as an added bonus for all those who line up like drones (yearly), when (not if) they come down with the flu virus it will be worse and you will suffer longer!  That's what a lack of an immune system does...

So what to do you ask?

* Eat a healthy diet low in sugar and grains (glucose to the body).
* Make sure you consuming enough animal based omega-3 fatty acid
* Eat only organic pasture raised meats, eggs, and dairy.  (these are all good sources of protein, saturated fat, fat soluble vitamins, and omega-3)
* Eat only organic vegetables.
* Eat plenty of homemade unpasteurized fermented foods.
* Exercise regularly.
* Get plenty of sun (vitamin D)
* Make sure your consuming enough vitamin C (and your probably not)
* Avoid pharmaceuticals (Rx or over the counter)

You can do it! 

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  1. I'm printing this out for people to read as they are so not informed. And yes, the picture of the needle advertising "get your flu shot here" is EVERYWHERE!!!!


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