Monday, February 25, 2013

Flu Shot Update!

The latest numbers are in for the effectiveness of the 2012-2013 influenza vaccine, and the winner is... 

Let's just say if you got the flu shot this season, you were not amongst the winners.

This seasons flu shot had a whopping 9% success rate in preventing the flu for those 65 and older! 

Interesting since this age group (65+) is one of the two groups the CDC highly recommends receiving the vaccine, with the other being children.  And with all of the flu related headlines this winter in the news regarding children being seriously sickened and hospitalized due to the flu virus, I can only imagine that if publicized those numbers would be just as bleak.  Unfortunately the spineless conscious lacking CDC would rather publicly lump-sum the remaining statistics together in order to reveal an overall success of just over 50% (56% to be exact). 

I guess this clearly proves though that with an overall "positive" success rate, the very real risk of Mercury Toxicity as well the deadly possibility of Anaphylaxis due to its ingredients are far outweighed by its life-saving importance... lest you get the flu and wind up in the ER, where ironically enough 91% of those seniors that got the shot evidently wound up.

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