Wednesday, February 13, 2013

With "advanced technology" like this, we're doomed!

The latest headline in technology/health news reads, "Sugar needles could carry safe, painless, long-lasting vaccines"... does anyone else see the horror in this?

If there is one thing most people DO NOT need more of, its SUGAR hands down!  So when I see wasted research money being spent on new uses for sugar, I can't help but feel sad and a bit frustrated.  With the ever growing number of those living with a 'sugar consumption in excess' related disease (diabetes, Alzheimer's, heart disease, obesity, chronic inflammatory diseases... ) reaching epidemic levels, both science and medicine need to wake up and smell the inevitable insulin spike!

I think money should be better vested in research detailing sugar's negative health effects.  I think less research money should be spent on the less-than-accurate reported "positive success" data of vaccination usage, and instead shed some light on the ever growing number of truly independent research debunking this dangerous profit driven misleading scientific propaganda. Let's put that money towards a more natural based approach to health and wellness, and stop supporting these giant corporations as they compete for the next big cure regardless of the toll it takes on our health.

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