Thursday, October 21, 2010

Processing Equals Disaster

With recent headlines like Frozen veggies recalled over glass shard risk or Texas food factory closed, packaged produce recalled I think it only helps drive home the point that food processing, on any level, is an accident waiting to happen; or worse yet death, which is already the case with the Texas food factory... 5 deaths already reported!

For the Texas factory the recall is on fresh cut fruits and vegetables, packaged and sealed and distributed to, get this, restaurants, hospitals and schools!

Can't we buy our fruits and vegetables straight from our local organic farm, where we the buyer actually has an "in person" relationship with the farmer? Where we the buyer brings home this fresh organic produce and then cuts and packages them ourselves?

It is said that in a country that is supposed to be so advanced, that the food industry can be so screwed up, to the point where those that dare venture beyond their local farm for food must approach any aisle of their local grocery store with a "buyer beware" cloud looming overhead.

Sad but true!

Be smart; choose to live a healthy lifestyle! Choose a healthy diet (consisting mainly) of fresh local organic unprocessed foods!

Even if you have to drive an hour or so to the nearest "local organic farm", doesn't it beat the alternative?

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