Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Land O'... Corn?

As my wife and I were driving back from the organic winery we frequent we noticed a Land O'Lakes farm, something we never noticed before; what we didn't notice ironically enough were any cows. Oh there was plenty of land with plenty of corn fields, but not a cow in sight.

I find it funny that a farm which supplies butter to this monstrosity of a corporation uses its fields to grow corn, which ultimately will go to feeding hungry cows.

For a company that supposedly started out as a small cooperative with big new ideas about producing butter, I wonder if they ever thought they would be just another large corporation supporting the corn industry and a nation of unhealthy cows... And people!

If butter is on your weekly grocery list, then wouldn't it make good healthy sense to know that the butter you buy is coming from a working sustainable dairy farm instead of acres and acres of corn field with a few cows tucked away somewhere?

Do yourself a favor and support local organic sustainable farming!

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