Friday, October 22, 2010

Collards and Carrots

A headline in today's health news reads "Collards and carrots may ward of breast cancer", and other than the fact that it should read "WILL" ward off cancer I am happy to see such studies being done by the medical community.

The high carotene content in such vegetables such as carrots, collards, spinach, and kale to name a few is the number one reason these foods are so important to a healthy diet (see Carotenes are the Fountain of Youth), and despite the fact that it takes the medical community forever to figure out what the naturopathic community has known for some time now, it is indeed promising to just to know the research is being done.

The unfortunate thing is nowhere in the article "collards and carrots..." do they even mention the word carotene, and as a matter of fact they say more research must be done to confirm vegetable's cancer-staving powers, but at least the research is being done!

In the mean time, while the medical community is doing more research, do yourself a favor and get your daily dose of this natural cancer fighting superstar... Carotene!

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