Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Organic Diets and the Medical Community

It's not too often when you find doctors within the medical community (western medicine) buying into the benefits of a healthy diet based on food grown/raised using organic sustainable farming methods, so to hear about a doctor who chose to live the (organic) life, for 3 years... practically unheard of, but apparently not unprecedented.

Meet Dr. Alan Greene, a pediatrician who decided not simply to investigate the pros and cons of such an organic lifestyle, but to live it, 100%, for 3 years! He chose three years because that's the amount of time it takes to get a breading animal certified "organic", and figured if that's the rules farmers must comply with than so shall he. Three years of eating nothing but organic foods, whether at home or away; that's how long it would take for him to feel he'd lived up to these same standers set forth by the department of agriculture, for which farmers are strictly held.

So what came of his journey? Well I won't give it all away, but I will say the outcome was positive. Don't take my word for it though, read for yourself...

For Three Years, Every Bite Organic

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