Monday, March 22, 2010

When Lowering Your Cholesterol is Deadly...

Cholesterol, more accurately lowering your cholesterol, is always getting attention in world of health news, and because of this is a goldmine for pharmaceutical companies. And if high cholesterol is the goldmine then statins (cholesterol lowering medications) are the mother-load of gold, and the pharmaceutical companies are reaping the benefits, but at who's cost?

A recent headline "FDA warns of muscle risk from statin drugs" sheds some disturbing light on an already hot topic. It seems the increasingly growing number of weary patients, when it comes to these cholesterol lowering drugs and their many side effects, are finally getting some attention.

There are many natural ways to not just reduce your cholesterol but to maintain a healthy level, and if you're one of the millions who depend on these drugs to do the job than its time you rethink your strategy. Some of the popular "natural statins" if you will are "Red Rice Yeast" and "Omega-3", both of which have plenty of proven results to back up their claims as worthy contenders. Keep in mind though that the biggest part of your game plan for lowering cholesterol has to focus on long term health benefits, and not simply "lower it and resume an unhealthy lifestyle".

As a result of all the headlines that cholesterol and statins receive, *whole grains have been getting more and more news worthy attention and for good reason. The important thing, as a health conscious community, is to determine what information is coming from trust worthy sources. I can make this detective work a whole lot easier by saying any information gained from the packaging of any of the popular brands of processed foods that line the shelves at your local grocery store should be considered suspect.

Fact, eating whole grains can not only lower your cholesterol but can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels. This you've heard many times, but most likely your sources are TV commercials or the fancy creative marketing slogans that clutter the packaging of any supposedly "whole grain" food. Here is the problem with educating yourself using these sources; this information that is put out there for you to see is there for one reason and one reason only, to sell their product. The truth is the processing that all of these cereals, snack-bars, pastas, and breads that are labeled whole grains go through cause them to lose most if not all of their nutritional value during processing, so if you are depending on them as your main source of whole grains then you will indeed fall short.

*Based on what I have recently learned (over the past 6mo or so) regarding grain consumption within modern day factory or industrial farming societies, and its adverse effects on human health ultimately leading to many of the illnesses and diseases affecting Americans in epic proportions, I have changed my stance on the importance of such monocrops (grains and legumes) within a healthy human diet. The human digestive system was not designed nor has it evolved to a point to effectively digest such foods like grains and legumes without the body suffering from its harmful side effects; inflammation and damage to the gut. Since evidence shows inefficient digestion and inflammation are the root cause for nearly all human diseases be it heart disease, diabetes, cancer, crohn's disease, autoimmune diseases, and chronic inflammatory disorders in all its forms, a healthy diet should promote a healthy gut (fermented foods) and be anti-inflammatory based (grass-fed meats and eggs, wild caught fish, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds) instead of high in foods promoting inflammation such as grains, legumes, and factory farmed meats, poultry, fish, and eggs.

Rest assured though if you're one of the many who are already relying on natural remedies for high cholesterol then you are on the right track, but now it's time to get the facts you'll need to put these cholesterol worries behind you. Nothing beats a healthy diet when it comes to remedying any health issue; Organic Fruits and Vegetables, *Natural Whole Grains and Legumes should be at the core of any healthy diet, with all meats poultry and eggs being organic grass-fed or free-grazed and all fish "wild caught".

Eat Smart and Live Healthy!

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