Sunday, March 14, 2010

How's that Beef-fed Chicken Taste?

You're probably thinking what kind of question is that... actually it's not that strange of a question. I read about it a number of times, in a handful of books on the subject, so when I saw a popular TV show touch on the subject I figured why not post about it.

It was an episode of "Dirty Jobs" and, well, the dirty job was animal rendering. They were on location at some animal rendering facility, which is basically a place where they recycle dead animals for use in a verity of commonly used products. The most common animals were cows that were picked up from the many beef farms in the area, all of which supposedly died from natural causes, only in my opinion there is nothing natural about it.

I know that the majority of beef farms in this country are not organic grass fed farms, instead they are large over crowded corporations whose commodity is beef; and to insure the best return for their dollar, they do whatever necessary to produce the biggest fattest cows possible in the shortest time. This means corn is on the menu, and as I've mentioned in the past corn to a ruminants anatomy is like poison. A ruminant (the cow) has four stomachs which allows it to very efficiently turn grass into protein, but what it doesn't do very well is digest grains (corn or soy). So when cows are fed grains they becomes sick over time, many kept alive just long enough to be brought to slaughter by the veterinary staff on premise, but unfortunately some don't survive and this is where the rendering comes in.

At this rendering facility the cow is %100 recycled, skinned, ground up, boiled, and compacted. The hides go to leather manufactures, the oils get used in products such as motor oils, candles, and cosmetics, and the ground up meat and bones becomes chicken feed or pig feed. And at one time it was added to cows feed but then came Mad Cows disease and they put a stop to that...

So anyway this is where the sick twisted story starts all over again, because at these large over crowded corporations whose commodity is chicken or pig, profit remains the driving force. Bigger fatter chickens equals more money, and in order to maximize their return they do whatever is necessary; and in this case it's feed the birds a cheap protein overloaded diet consisting of rendered cow parts.

As a result you eat an unhealthy diet of chicken, from a bird that ate an unhealthy diet of beef, from cows that were fed an unhealthy diet of corn.

So I ask you again, how's that beef-fed chicken taste?

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