Friday, March 26, 2010

Organic, more than just food

When most people hear the word "Organic", whether it's something they believe in it or not, food is what comes to mind, and although a healthy diet of organic food is absolutely crucial to a healthy body and healthy lifestyle it's only part of the equation. Most everything we come into contact with on a daily basis will ultimately have some effect on our health, either in a good way or a bad way, and much of these factors are not food at all.

We are exposed to tons of environmental hazards every day, many of which are unavoidable, not to mention toxins from household chemicals or industrial chemical based products which are avoidable (research "Green" or "Biodegradable" products), but few people consider the hygiene or cosmetic products that they use so religiously as harmful. Maybe this is because these products are marketed as something that will enhance our look or improve our overall state of being in some way or another, but it's important to remember who these products are manufactured by and the ingredients listed on the label should be a dead giveaway. Not only are these so called "health and beauty products" full of unpronounceable chemical based ingredients, but they are undoubtedly unhealthy and basically toxic to your health; if they weren't they wouldn't have "Seek immediate medical attention if swallowed" listed at the top of a paragraph of warnings.

I've read that you should never put anything on your body (skin and hair) that you wouldn't put in your mouth, and I believe that statement couldn't be more true. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it absorbs most everything you put on it, and that includes moisturizers, soaps and cleansers, sun screens, or any other skin "health and beauty" product out there. So if these products contain mostly chemicals that are "harmful if swallowed" then that says that these creams and soaps and such are not healthy for the inside of our bodies (there words not mine), and if your skin absorbs (in some quantities) anything that is applied to it then where do you think the final destination is... Under the skin, in the blood stream, to the rest of your organs, and eventually to every cell in your body. And what about oral hygiene products such as tooth paste; if you look at that tube of toothpaste in your cabinet you will find somewhere on the container listed under warnings, "Seek immediate medical attention if swallowed" and this is a product that is designed to be put in the mouth.

Consider this, if you can taste it then your body is absorbing some quantity of it, and that means into the blood stream it goes...

There is an interesting article I found Medicines washing down the shower that talks about how the chemicals that we are putting on us (health care skin products) or consuming (prescription and over the counter drugs) are ultimately coming out of our pores and into our water system; polluting it!

I hope this comes as an eye opening shocking and hopefully disturbing piece of news, because it deserves your immediate attention. When you consider putting something on your skin or in your mouth consider where it is ending up, and then consider Organic when making your purchase.

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