Friday, March 5, 2010

Don't Believe the Hype

My beliefs and feelings toward nutrition, proper diet, and overall health as I see it based on years of my personal experience are that there is NO cookie-cutter good-for-all product out there on the market today, because everyone's body handles the many man-made toxins of this world, that we are exposed to and ingest on a daily basis, differently. This includes any all-in-one supplement purchased at a GNC type distributor, or from the many (and there are many) companies that have claimed to have discovered the next super fruit or vegetable packaged conveniently in some fancy bottle.

Proper diet has to be what all else is centered around, along proper supplementation under the guidance of a health professional; I see a kinesiologist for my unique personalized supplemental nutritional needs, but there are a handful of other options out there. Because our bodies are affected differently by what they are exposed to, you can’t simply take some multi vitamin concoction (be it in pill or liquid form) designed for a generalized lifestyle (for the “active man” or “woman”), or for a generalized ailment or nutritional deficiency, and expect to be getting the level of quality nutrients that YOUR body needs. Whether or not these “good-for-one” “good- for-all” products contain high levels of antioxidants vitamins and minerals or other nutrients and annutrients is irrelevant, because they will not have the same effect on everyone.

I suffered from severe tendonitis in most of my joints for 10+ years (when I thought I was living and eating healthy) and never found relief from any medical doctor, anything they prescribed, and or any cookie-cutter nutritional supplement out there. Only when I finally learned what a healthy diet really is (fresh organic foods), and learned about the dangers of many of the commonly sold hygiene products and household products (due to their levels of poisons and toxins), and started focusing on my body’s nutritional needs did I finally find relief.

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