Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Truth about Coca-Cola's Heart Truth

Coca-Cola's "Heart Truth" campaign is, in a word, ridiculous... No wait, disturbing... It's ridiculously disturbing!

I mean talk about your irony, and I quote...

"The Heart Truth campaign celebrates healthy lifestyle choices, which have become increasingly important to Diet Coke consumers. In the third year of our partnership with the NHLBI, we are proud that we can continue to play an important role in this educational conversation,"

This straight from the horses mouth; William White, Brand Director of Diet Coke North America to be exact.

Oh, Coca-Cola plays a huge role in the health of all too many Americans, but it is nothing to be proud of. Soft drinks are one of the leading causes of obesity, diabetes, and you guessed it, heart disease in children in this country, and based on the latest research it doesn't matter if you're drinking diet or regular soda (What soft drinks are doing to your body).

The research shows that between the artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, which is a chemical that stimulates your body into thinking it wants (needs) more sugar, or the phosphoric acid that not only gives them their bubbly quality but according to tests have shown to deplete your body's blood calcium levels.

So from me to Coke (if you're listening)... If you want to be a part of "heart health" in this country then do everyone, especially children, a favor and stop contributing to what has become an epidemic.

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