Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Read That Lable On Those prenatals

My wife has a couple of friends who are pregnant and were discussing prenatal vitamins.

They say their doctor insists upon taken them, but are they all they are cracked up to be?

Just because something is prescribed by a doctor don't assume what your taking is truly the best thing for you or your baby. There is no doubt in my mind that expecting mothers should supplement their diets with vitamins and minerals, especially since the majority of Americans are malnourished due to poor diets, but that doesn't mean all prenatal vitamins are created equal.

It is important to really examine the label on these or any multi-vitamin to be sure you are getting the best quality vitamins and minerals that you need, AND NOTHING ELSE! It was very disturbing for me to see that so many of these vitamins that these doctors are prescribing have a laundry list of garbage (in the form of dyes and fillers) listed under "inactive ingredients". A good quality multi contains high quality vitamins and minerals and very minimal "inactive ingredients".

Do pregnant woman really need dyes and food coloring in their vitamins? Does a developing fetus really need vitamins filled with chemicals in the form of fillers and binders? Do expecting mothers really need allergens in the form of whey or the many faces of soy in their vitamins when children and adults alike are becoming more and more allergic to these foods?

I actually saw soy listed 3 times, under 3 different aliases, in one prenatal vitamin... disturbing indeed, but it's not just the inactive ingredients that need to be scrutinized. I actually saw a number of these vitamins that contain vitamin D in the form of D2, when numerous studies have shown that vitamin D3 is the better more essential form for optimal health.

I recall a fact that I read that stated, "a well informed patent knows more about nutrition than the average MD", and the evidence just keeps piling up.

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