Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taxing a Poor Diet is a Poor Idea

It's been in the news for some time now, as politicians push to pass legislation which would put a tax on sugary drinks (such as non-diet soda).

I think this is another typical example of our government and society trying to fix a problem with actually addressing the problem, and let me go on record by saying this is not the right approach. I think if history is any example, it should be obvious to see that putting an additional tax on something to try and sway the public not to purchase it does not work; case in point tobacco and alcohol.

How many times does the government have to raise the tax on tobacco products to get people to stop smoking... I'll let you know when it happens!

You cannot create a "healthy society" by making it too expensive to eat poorly.

You have got to educate people on the healthy truth...

  • A healthy diet is everything (Fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Natural Whole Grains and Legumes, Grass-fed Beef Free-Range Chickens and Wild Caught Fish)
  • Processed food causes poor health (Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, Chronic Pain and Inflammation, Cancer)
  • Non-Organic cosmetics and household chemicals cause Cancer (Soap, Shampoo, Make-up, Skin Products, Perfume, cleaners, deodorizers, disinfectants...)
  • Rx and Over-the-counter Drugs do more harm than good (Pain Killers, Anti-Inflamatories, Muscle Relaxers, Antacids, Antibiotics, Vaccinations, any Prescription Drug)

Do yourself and your family a favor and do the research; you will find that being healthy comes natural when you stop poisoning yourself.

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