Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not Another Fast-Food Diet

First it was Subway campaigning hard with Jared at the helm, showing everyone that it was possible to lose weight simply by following the "Subway Diet", and a little exercising of course.

Now we have Taco Bell with their spokesperson Christine Dougherty and their "Drive-Thru Diet"... Same premise, eat a diet centered around horribly unhealthy fast-food and with a little exercise you too can lose weight.

This is extremely disturbing to me, that these profit driven money hungry fast food franchises think the general public is so naive and so lazy that they will simply eat it up, literally! But if history is any indication they will.

Americans have such a warped misinformed sense of what is healthy that corporations from food manufacturers to fast-food restaurants and even pharmaceutical companies use it to their advantage, and the result is a large profit for them while the consumer unknowingly poisons themselves.

Americans think "thin" is the face of healthy, and although obesity is no doubt unhealthy, thin does not automatically mean healthy. Sure a Taco Bell taco may have less calories (depending on your choice of toppings) and less refined flower in the form of bread than other unhealthy meal choices, but it's no doubt high in either fat, sodium, cholesterol, or all of the above and severely lacking the necessary nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy.

This is no exaggeration... Diets high in refined highly processed non-organic foods is the major cause of this countries health problem; Cancer, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Chronic pain and inflammation, Heart Disease, Obesity, and the list goes on and on.

It has been documented many times; societies that are totally isolated from western civilization and all their "poisons" are some of the healthiest societies that exist, living long healthy lives free of sickness and disease. It's only when western civilization penetrates the remote boundaries that have kept these pure societies secret for many years, do people start to show signs of the typical health problems that plague our country like an epidemic.

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