Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Holiday Excuse

The famous holiday excuse when it comes to eating poorly... "Oh it's the holiday, it only comes around once a year..."

You hear this on Thanksgiving, you hear it on Christmas, and you hear it on New Years, but is it justifiable?

It might, I mean MIGHT, be a legitimate excuse if you ate healthy (truly healthy) the other 49 weeks a year, but that's rarely the case. Not in this country. Not when obesity and heart disease and diabetes and Chronic Inflammation are all epidemics, regardless of age.

So why am I bringing this up?

A co-worker of mine brought in a platter of store bought and homemade desserts (cookies, cakes, pastries galore!) each loaded with refined sugar, refined flower, and tons and tons of fat and calories. And each day before he leaves he takes the 3 or so that still remain and put them aside so he can bring the platter back home only to return the next day with more.

Being healthy is a choice and for some a difficult one to make. It's much easier to eat poorly, poisoning yourself with refined overly processed foods (as well as fast foods) and then pop a pill to relieve the effects... ulcers, indigestion, heart-burn, high cholesterol, chronic aches and pains, clogged arteries, insomnia, CANCER, the list goes on and on.

So remember, before you indulge ask yourself this... Can you afford to?

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