Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Healthy New Year!

Do you believe in fresh starts? Second Chances? New Beginnings?

Let's leave 2009's unhealthy eating habits behind us and make a fresh Organic Start!

A healthy lifestyle is a choice, one that starts with a healthy diet, but the great thing is you can make this choice today (or tomorrow) regardless of the unhealthy choices you made yesterday.

So while everyone else is making useless resolutions that involve spending hundreds of dollars on a gym membership that statistics show become nothing more than broken promises by Super Bowl weekend, or the many "fad diets" that exist only to gain the weight back and more, you can CHOOSE TO BE HEALTHY!

It's time to say goodbye to that processed food diet of yours and start avoiding the 90% of the grocery store that has molded you into the unhealthy person you are today, and reintroduce yourself to the produce section and organic section (if available).

Visit that health food store you drive by all the time wondering what's inside, and say hello to a healthier happier you.

From me to you... Have a happy and healthy New Year!

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