Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Natural Approach to Diabetes

I am a firm believer in a NATURAL approach to health and wellness, and I practice it religiously. I have had great success with this approach in all areas of my life, most notably when the modern medical approach failed me.

Anytime I come across a natural remedy or cure, regardless of whether it pertains to a health condition I am dealing with personally or not, I feel it's important to share the findings with others in hopes that maybe they will find out for themselves what I found out some time ago...

The Natural Path to health and wellness is the best and most affective approach!

So with that introduction say hello to the Bitter Melon (or balsam pear), a topical fruit native to Asia Africa and South America, available in America primarily at Asian grocery stores. This nutrient rich fruit shows very promising results in the treatment of diabetes, with its blood-sugar-lowering abilities confirmed through scientific studies in both animals and humans. This melon contains the compounds Charatin, which is more potent than the drug tolbutamide (often used to treat diabetes), and polypeptide-P (an insulin-like compound that appears to have fewer side effects than insulin) and has been recommended as an insulin replacement for some patients.

The recommended dose for medicinal purposes is a 2-ounce shot of the juice.

"The Healing Power of Foods" by Michael T. Murray N.D.

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