Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Poor Dietary Descisions

One thing I have noticed when eating over someone’s house, be it a family gathering or dinner at a friend’s, is that it always seems to be the norm to eat desert immediately following dinner. Has anyone ever heard of digesting one meal prior to starting another? It's not like people eat less when they know dessert will be served immediately following at the main course.

As a country we have picked up so many bad eating habits, many of which are the main causes for the laundry list of health problems plaguing this country, and this one is no exception. Digesting food, PROPERLY, is crucial for maintaining a healthy body. Proper digestion is important when it comes to optimally utilizing all of the nutrients that food has to offer, and with all of the processed non-organic food the average American family eats, nutrient rich meals are few and far between. And if that's not bad enough, poor digestion can compromise your immune system by damaging the integrity of the intestinal wall.

Studies show that consuming refined sugars not only hinder proper digestion, but also create a non desirable atmosphere within the gut itself. So if you have to eat these unhealthy deserts loaded with refined sugars and flowers, than why compromise the digestion of meals containing healthier foods (like dinner)?

Give your body at least an hour to digest the main course before you dive into that piece of cake or pie that's calling your name.

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