Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Going Green

I apologize for the two weeks of silence but my wife and I just closed on our first home and it's taken up much of my time. Ironically enough though this same house that is eating so much of my time has given me a great topic to post about...

Going Green with all home renovating projects!

Of the many projects we have taken on, the hardwood floors and walls are great examples of "Going Green". Refinishing hardwood floors is a common household project, and a major health risk. First there's the sanding which takes away layers of the floor (including the previous finish), and there's no way to prevent some of this dust (loaded with toxic chemicals) to escape into the breathable air. And that's only part of the problem, the stains and especially polyurethane finish are highly toxic and the odor can linger for week’s even months.

These environmental hazards at the very least wreak havoc on the body’s immune system, and can even cause cancer. So what's a homeowner to do you ask?

My wife and I have decided to go with a company by the name of "Mr. Sandless" that uses a "Green" approach to refinishing hardwood floors. With their very own patented odorless non-toxic cleaners and acrylic finishes, the floors get a deep clean and a new shiny finish without causing harm to you or your family. The befores and afters on their website are amazing, and although this process does not take out any substantial existing damage in the floors, it will bring out the floors true color removing dirt, grime, and stains (within reason) leaving you with a dust free odorless non- toxic house; and a 5 year warranty to back it up!

Believe it or not this process is cheaper than the traditional sanding and staining method of refinishing, so why not "Go Green" and save your health... and your money.

I'll let you know how they turned out (we get them done next week)

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