Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bread Doesn't Have to be a Diet No No

Many popular diets (fad diets) put a lot of emphasis on carb cutting, especially bread, and although I feel most of these diets are unhealthy and often unsuccessful approaches to a healthy lifestyle, the truth is the consumption of bread in this country has become a problem. The problem though has less to do with the consumption of bread and more to do with the type of bread being consumed... highly processed, and loaded with refined flours and sugar.

Bread is a major part of many countries diets, and yet surprisingly many of these countries do not have the obesity problem that we in America have.

So why is that?

The breads that are so commonly found on our menus (whether it's at home or at your favorite fast food joint) are loaded with white refined flour and sugar, tons of preservatives, chemicals, and whatever else food manufacturers have decided to put in there to prolong shelf life and enhance taste.

So what are your options?

The healthiest breads are homemade; you can make your favorite bread with all natural healthy organic ingredients such as Whole Wheat Flour, Brown Rice flour, Amaranth flour, Kamut flour, Buckwheat flour, etc. Unfortunately we don't always have time to make it, but that shouldn't stop you from choosing a healthy bread. So the next time you shop for bread avoid white bread at all costs, and look for organic breads with minimal ingredients (All Natural... No Preservatives!).

One of my favorites is Mestemacher brand, it's a German flat bread that comes in a number of varieties.

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