Thursday, March 14, 2013

Food allergies start in the gut.

I read an article in today's health news about a doctor who treated (desensitized) a child of multiple food allergies at once with the use of a "powerful drug" along with small daily doses of the allergen. 

What bothers me most about this is this treatment is that it does not fix the underlying issue at the root of the problem... Poor diet resulting in a damaged and compromised gut (immune system)!

Unfortunately like most children in this country (adults as well) this 10-year old's diet most likely consists of excessive amounts of sugar and grains (glucose), which ultimately leads to insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, an unhealthy environment within the gut, and a damaged lining of the intestinal wall (compromised immune system).  And it's my guess that most people are all too familiar with the resulting diseases and disorders; obesity, diabetes, Chron's disease, heart disease, cancer, and basically every other autoimmune disease on record... the list is endless!

But in sticking with the topic at hand (food allergies) whether the allergic reaction is minor or severe one thing is for sure, the damage within the body should be the focus of attention not simply minimizing the resulting side effects.  When allergic reactions occur it means the intestinal wall has been compromised.  As microscopic food particles penetrate the intestinal lining entering the blood stream, an all-out war within the body begins as the compromised immune system battles these foreign intruders.  The resulting allergic reaction with varying intensities causes acute side effects ranging from minor skin irritations to anaphylactic shock.  But it's the chronic effects that will ultimately lead to disease and disorder. 

It has been over seven years since I found out that I am allergic to both (cow) dairy and soy.  And rather than make it my life's mission to find a drug that simply blocks the pain and discomfort, I have made it my mission to find and fix the root of the problem.  Sure in the beginning I was consumed with finding food alternatives to those I was allergic to, but this has since morphed into a journey in search of the true meaning of a healthy diet.  And what I've learned is that a healthy diet is key.  

In short your diet should:
  1. Promote a natural healthy insulin response
  2. Promote a healthy bacterial friendly environment within the body
  3. Inhibit (not promote) inflammation
And this can easily be done with a diet low in sugar and processed foods; gluten free and low in grains; high in healthy saturated fats and high quality protein, high in unpasteurized fermented foods like homemade sauerkraut, pickles and kombucha.  Remember, maintaining a healthy gut is the most important thing you can do to improve your health.  

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