Thursday, March 7, 2013

Don't Ignore Chronic Inflammation!

I think for our health's sake this point cannot be stressed enough...

Don't Ignore Chronic Inflammation!

Being someone whose journey into the 'world of natural healing' started because of the relentless struggles with chronic inflammation, I feel even more obligated to share every little bit of knowledge I've picked up along the way... and continue to.

Whether or not you or someone you know suffers from some form of chronic inflammation (Crohn's, Celiac, Arthritis, Tendonitis, Asthma, Lupus, Heart Disease, Alzheimer's, etc.  ), reading the article link above may be the most important health related news you read all year!  I say this because even if you are not currently aware of a chronic inflammatory problem, if your diet is anything close to the typical American diet high in sugar, grains, and processed foods, you are already most likely years into one of the life threatening diseases.  But don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

Unfortunately in today's world it is nearly impossible, even for the super health conscious, to avoid all forms of toxins.  Fortunately though you can not only control but counteract environmental toxin exposure through a healthy diet low in sugar (including grains) and high in Saturated Fat (from an organic pastured animal source as well as from a raw organic coconut source), Omega-3, Fermented foods (of the homemade non-pasteurized variety) , fresh organic vegetables, Vitamin D (sunlight), and a few extra supplemental antioxidants.

I am not a doctor and I do not have a degree in the medical field.  I do however have years of personal experience suffering from the effects of a poor diet, and more importantly the astonishing positive effects of a healthy diet!

Stay Educated when it comes to your health.

Never assume and always question (the "norm").

And remember that a healthy lifestyle must start in the kitchen!

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