Friday, March 22, 2013

All for a good cause...

I find it disturbing that our society is so hooked on processed sugary foods that it has become socially acceptable... No, expected that we take part in the consumption of them all in the name of "a good cause".

Case in point, Girl Scout cookies.

Today a coworker has brought in boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies to hand out to those who previously "contributed to the cause".  My question here is, what exactly is the cause?  Cancer... Diabetes... Heart disease... Autoimmune disease... Obesity?

All valid questions since processed foods (sugar) in the American diet can be blamed for nearly every chronic disease we suffer.  And yet those of us who make a conscious daily effort to NOT support what has become a lifestyle fraught in disease and chronic disorders, but rather support the prevention of disease are left having to explain our actions; or lack thereof.

Label me what you will, I refuse to be a supporter of the leading cause of death and medically induced financial debt in this country.  I stand firmly behind my actions and believe that by NOT taking part in this perceived social obligation is the true action done for a good cause!

I support my local organic sustainable farmers for a Good Cause!

I pasture my own laying hens in my back yard for a Good Cause!

I do NOT support factory farming for a Good Cause!

I support those companies that do NOT support the use of GMOs in our food, for a Good Cause!

I support the act of humanly raising farmed animals rather than the abusive torturous mistreatment they would otherwise endure, for a Good Cause!

I try to live my life with the belief that humans are not a superior all entitled species but rather merely a part (small part in fact) of the circle of life on this planet that starts and ends with the countless microorganisms that make up not only the land we live on but our bodies as well... for a Good Cause!

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  1. Everytime I pass a girl scout cookie stand I'm like.....Ughhhhhhh!!!!!!


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