Wednesday, February 1, 2012

McDonald's Mistery Meat

So if you were ever wondering what's in that burger you have been getting from your favorite fast-food chain all those years, mystery solved!

According to today's headline "pink slime" seems to be one of the technical terms... McDonald's drops use of gooey ammonia-based pink slime in hamburger meat. Yummy!

What is it doing in ground beef you ask?

Deemed "safe" by the USDA it's widely used to "sanitize" otherwise bacteria ridden meat. As I've posted about in the past, unhealthy and unsanitary living conditions for nearly all commercial livestock in this country results in animals (your future dinner or lunch) to stand, eat, and sleep in piles of their own... well you get the picture. And since ground meat typically comes from the lesser desired parts of the animal, plus some better left unmentioned extras, there's a high probability that this unhealthy and potentially deadly bacteria will find its way into your burger.

This is where our wonderful government has stepped up and said, instead of solving the problem at the source (eliminating factory farming) they have decided to "treat" the end product before it ever gets to the consumer in hopes that they (the consumer) will never find out... But to ensure the consumer doesn't become suspicious and or concerned, they (USDA) deems this treatment of the meat as a 'processing procedure' and not an ingredient and therefor the consumer never knows that their burger contains ammonium hydroxide; also found in chemical fertilizer, household cleaners to name a few.

So is this a win for the consumer now that McDonald's is eliminating this toxic ingredient?

Since the are still using the same potentially bacteria laden beef, your trading off one toxin (ammonium) for another (bacteria, e coli...), and they haven't mentioned anything about stopping the use of it in their chicken products.

I think there is only one real solution, eat locally raised organic grass-fed meets!

Support your local sustainable farmer!

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