Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why Put Drugs in Animal Feed?

With todays headline news reading "Dispute over drug in feed limiting US meat exports", you might ask then why put drugs in animal feed at all?

The correct answer is you should never have to, that is if you free graze your livestock allowing them to do as they would in nature. Unfortunately that is not the case for nearly all of the meat raised and sold in and by this country (pork, chicken, turkey, beef). Instead these animals, once brought to feedlots, live out the remainder of their short inhuman existence standing in piles of their own excrement as well as the mangled bodies of their short lived brethren, where they receive their daily unhealthy and most unnatural rations of grains and ground up animal parts.

So when you look the amount of money and time that is being carelessly and corruptly vested (wasted) in incorrectly running our countries food industry (factory farming), you can then see that the answer to why drugs are put into animal feed clearly becomes 'out of necessity!' If you are going to poison an animal with an unnatural and unhealthy diet as well as an unhealthy and unsanitary living environment, then you have no choice but to load them up with countless different pharmaceuticals just to keep them alive long enough to slaughter...

Support local Farming NOT Pharming!
Choose locally raised grass-fed meats!
Live Happy and Healthy!

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