Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Don't Let Manufacturers Tell You What's Healthy

It seems Walmart will now be labeling what they feel are the healthier foods of those that they sell, with a simple green "Great for you" logo.

Just as the infamous "heart healthy" and "whole grain" campaigns have been and continue to be an abused mess with manufacturers like General Mills and Kellogg to name of few pushing otherwise sugary unhealthy in every way cereals and snacks off as healthy, I feel this will be another misused marketing tactic. It's clearly nothing more than food manufacturers and distributors overstepping their bounds in an attempt to cash in on the growing number of health conscious shoppers by use of misleading and simply inaccurate marketing tactics.

I think it's a combination of retailers and manufacturers' believing the average shopper knows little about eating healthy, and not wanting to spend time at the grocery store making the "smart" decision. In today's society people want everything to be effortless from the food they put on the table to the decisions they have to make regarding meal choices, and food manufacturers are ready to step up and give you a hand. They believe the public is ignorant when it comes to the ins-and-outs of nutrition (unfortunately many are) and they would be more than happy if people would just stay that way. They will tell you what is healthy, you buy it, you eat it, and you pay for it dearly in healthcare.

But how can you trust a system (our food industry) when it is bookend by corruption, deep pockets with selfish intentions, and seemingly conflicting interests with strong influences in both the pharmaceutical industry and government watchdog agencies?

If billions of dollars is pumped into the medical field at the academia level to fund bio-argra-genetic research shaping the young medical minds of the future in a direction that those who can profit will, while simultaneously corrupting the medical field at the professional level by pushing pharmaceuticals like candy at a school yard, then how can the average person be expected to know right from wrong when it comes to their health.

It's becoming more and more evident with every passing food recall and bacteria outbreak, and every failed attempt by the government to "keep our food safe" and "keep American's healthy" despite the rapid dramatically rising dollars spent in healthcare, and with every new person joining the exponentially increasing number of Americans taking some sort of pharmaceutical (for the rest of their life), that the very government agencies and medical community that are supposed to have our better interest at heart are constantly being led in whatever direction the deep pockets of those controlling the food industry take them in.

I don't need a "healthy choice" label on that locally raised grass-fed cow or free-ranged chicken or pastured pig, and I don't need a "great for you" label on those fresh organic locally grown vegetables, and I don't need a "whole grain" label on the locally grown organic whole grains that I supplement my chickens diet with, and I surely don't need a "heart healthy" label put on the resulting eggs from those chickens, and neither do you!

Tell the food manufacturers and retailers to keep their labels and buy locally raised and grown organic food instead!

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