Monday, June 20, 2011

1 in 12 Kids may Have Food Allergies!

A recent headline reads "1 in 12 Kids may have food allergies", and nearly 40 of those affected have severe reactions!

With statistics like this you would think researchers, physicians, and the FDA would put the much needed time, effort, and money into where it's needed the most (our nation's food industry) and fix this broken system that is taking it's toll on an all too trusting public.

I have posted a number of times regarding my thoughts on what I feel is an obvious link between food allergies and the way we (as a society) eat, or more accurately what we're not eating. The average American is an ideal breeding ground for inflammation in all its many forms. This is an indisputable ugly fact with more and more evidence piling up in the form of diseases and disorders; heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, cancer, food allergies, and basically any other organ/tissue/muscle/tendon related ailment.

The majority of people have 12-20 times the amount of Omega-6 (which promotes inflammation) compared to Omega-3 (one of nature's best anti-inflammatories) in their body, and this equals trouble plain and simple. We live in an a fast paced world of quick and easy ready to eat overly processed pre-made meals that are high in everything that we don't need (saturated fat, sodium, omega-6, and countless cancer causing chemicals) and more or less lacking in anything beneficial to our health.

So what's the answer you ask?

How about this...

  1. Eat More LOCAL ORGANIC fresh produce and Eat Less pre-packaged already prepared non-organic "fresh or frozen" vegetables
  2. Eat More ORGANIC LOCALLY RAISED PASTURED meats, poultry and eggs and Eat Less of the corn-fed antibiotic and hormone infused non-organic grocery store bought kind.
  3. Eat Less processed foods and MAKE SURE those that you do eat are ORGANIC with minimal ingredients.
  4. Know Where you food is coming from and DEMAND ORGANIC SUSTAINABLE practices.
  5. MAKE MORE meals from scratch and STOP looking for meal shortcuts
  6. CARE about what you feed yourself and your family and STOP ASSUMING others have your needs and your health in mind.
  7. LIVE Happy and Healthy!

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