Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wild Food, a "Berry" wise choice!

Wild Food sources may be one of the healthiest choices when it comes to diet.

Although I strongly believe in local organic sustainable farming when it comes to the vegetables, meat, poultry, and eggs that my family and I eat, what can be more organic and sustainable for that matter then wild food?

My wife and I are pretty lucky to have 4 types of fruit baring trees/bushes in our yard; a cherry tree and an apple tree (both very large and very old), 2 mulberry trees (also quite large), and wild raspberry bushes outlining the yard. Unfortunately the apple and cherry trees are so large that birds and insects are the only ones that have dibs on most of the fruit, although we do get some of the low hanging stuff, but the mulberry trees and raspberry bushes are a different story and June is when in all begins!

Now I'm not sure about the apple and cherry trees but I can tell you that raspberries and mulberries do grow wild in my area, so I will focus on them. The black mulberry trees in my yard have already started bearing fruit and my wife and I have taken full advantage of this. They taste great right off the tree, but since we pick them in bulk, we rinse them off and freeze them for later use; usually in shakes or smoothies.

The raspberry bushes are just starting to flower and soon we will be able to harvest them as well. They literally surround our yard and thanks to the many birds that feed on them as well, the bushes will sprout up practically anywhere in the yard if left uncut. Just like the mulberries they are great right off the bush, or frozen for future use!

Now I know not everyone is as lucky as we are to have so many fruit sources in their own yard, but you would be surprised to know how many wild food sources (fruits, nuts, seeds, and plants) may be in your area.

Do your research, and then find yourself a piece of reasonably local untouched chemical free (people free) piece of land in your area... your next meal is waiting to be picked.

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