Friday, May 7, 2010

More Evidence of Corruption In Our Food Industry

It truly sickens me to see headlines such as this in health news...

"Think you're lactose intolerant? You might be wrong"

The gist of the article is that based on a study where people were tested in a lab by drinking a lactose solution, equivalent to milk, they found that they (the subjects) suffered less of the intolerance symptoms; cramping bloating and bowel trouble. So the conclusion was that people are most likely mistaking irritable bowel syndrome for milk intolerance and that they should not stop drinking milk, because apparently the negative effects of that on your health are greater than the symptoms you may be experiencing, but rather drink it in smaller quantities at time.

I hope you can see the insanity and poor misguided judgment, at the very least, in this ridiculous assessment. First of all before you listen to some brain washed medical flunky I would listen to your body, if you get discomfort drinking milk then maybe your body is trying to tell you something. Until the medical community wakes up and realizes (or admits) that there are far better sources of calcium then milk (kale, collard greens, goat's milk... the list goes on and on), and until our country stops alloying the deep pockets and political ties of the Dairy Industry (the large mass production dairy corporations that is) to influence their health related decisions and hypothesis, it is up to you the consumer to take your health in your own hands.

Trust your body and listen to its cries for help.

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