Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Don't Trust Big Pharma...

Pharmaceutical companies are in business for one reason and one reason only, MONEY! They are large corporations, or as I like to call them "Legalized Drug Dealers", that use their deep pockets and political power to push their drugs on us, anyway they can. They are dedicated to creating new drugs with a laundry list of side-effects and spend billions of dollars marketing it as the best new treatment for some ailment, with no agenda other than profit. They are not in the business of saving lives and they are not in the business of curing anything!

And they know how dangerous and risky their drugs are which is why they spend billions of dollars every year to convince doctors and hospitals that their drug is "safe", or that they push hard with all their power and influence to get FDA approval prematurely. If the patents health and well being was a top priority then they wouldn't have to use sneaky tactics or spend unimaginable amounts of money trying to convince people...

Prostate cancer drug may pose diabetes risk

Cough medicine ingredient to get safety probe

Cancer drug often used off label for infertility

Children's OTC Cold, Allergy Meds Recalled

If you want relief try opening Nature's Medicine cabinet, you just may find it without the harmful and deadly side-effects that go hand in hand with drugs.

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