Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spaghetti Squash In Place of Pasta

Want some noodles to go with that chicken soup, but with a little more substance and more nutritional value than say that back of egg noodles? Are you looking for a pasta side dish, but without the refined carbohydrates?

Try Spaghetti Squash... it's a winter squash that when prepared looks like, well spaghetti.

*Cut the squash in half long ways and core the center by removing the seeds (save them if you want they are editable and can be toasted like pumpkin seeds).
*In a large pot place the squash halves face down and add about 1 inch of water, then steam for about 20-25min; until soft.
*Remove the squash (careful they're hot) and with a fork scrape out the insides over a plate.
*Simply run the fork on the inside, long ways, and the spaghetti strands will come out.
*Add some olive oil and garnish with parsley to taste.


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