Friday, January 22, 2010

1 and 5 Teens... Unhealthy Cholesterol Levels

This is the headline of an article I found today (Original Article) and although not surprising to me, should be a wake-up call to our society. The article is informative and the last paragraph which reads...

"For all youth, healthy eating habits and physical activity are good ways to reduce their risk for abnormal lipids and heart disease in the long term." the right advice, but I feel it stops short of explaining what a "healthy eating" is or should be. Most people feel that switching to an apparent healthier processed food is healthy eating; if it says low sodium or low sugar, or fat free, or low calories than it must be healthy, but this is not the correct approach to a healthier you.

A healthy diet, at its core, must revolve around fresh (organic when possible) fruits and vegetables, and natural whole grains and legumes. That's where a healthy diet starts. Fresh fruits vegetables and natural whole grains must be the foundation, with any and all red meats being grass-fed and poultry and eggs being free-range.

It doesn't mean processed foods must be eliminated all together, in today's world it's just not practical, but when you have a good foundation (to your diet) adding some 100% organic processed foods will not kill you.

Be smart... Start fresh and you'll end up healthy!

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