Monday, January 11, 2010

Eat Healthty for Your Immune System

A healthy diet is important for many reasons, but the most important is to maintain a healthy immune system. The immune system is an amazing yet complex system composed of lymphatic vessels and organs, and specialized cells including white blood cells whose main objective is to protect the body against infection, viruses, and disease.

When healthy it's like Fort Knox... simply impenetrable to all intruders. On the other hand an unhealthy immune system is like, well, this Microsoft operating system that is currently on my computer... a hacker's delight if not for the help of add-on anti-virus and spyware software, and an external firewall.

So where can you find the secret to a healthy immune system?

It's not in that box or bag of precooked pre-prepared and or package of microwavable food... and it's definitely not at the fast food joint you often frequent. No, it's not at any of those places, and as a matter of fact it's those heavily processed high fat high sodium high cholesterol chemical infused foods that are undoubtedly causing the chronic immune deficiency that plagues so many Americans.

The good news is the secret to a healthy immune system isn't a secret at all. In fact you can find it in the produce aisle and organic section of any supermarket, or at your local farmers market, or at your local health food store, or at a local farm stand... it's fresh (organic preferably) fruits and vegetables. It's natural whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, and organic grass fed beef and free grazed chicken.

It's nutrient rich foods with vitamins like B, C and D, minerals like selenium and zinc, it's the antioxidants and anutrients like carotenes that enable the body to fight off most anything that comes its way.

Unfortunately it's the nutrient deficient diets of processed foods high in saturated fats, sodium, cholesterol, refined flowers and simple sugars that depress the immune system and have cultivated a civilization of people suffering from chronic illnesses and disease.

Make a healthy new choice for the new year... choose to be healthy!

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