Monday, May 18, 2009

A Natural Remedy in Your Own Back Yard

You would probably consider yourself unlucky if you had a black walnut tree on your property, especially if it were anywhere near your driveway (those golf ball to racket ball size walnuts can make a mess of your car). I know this because I grew up with one hanging over into our driveway, from reaching over from the neighbor's yard. I can remember always being alert when standing under it, quick to jump out of the way with little warning. Whether it was gravity alone or just a clumsy squirrel, those walnuts were not something you wanted hitting you in the head...the squirrels loved them though, and maybe they were on to something.

It turns out the green hull that surrounds the walnut (yes its green not black, but it stains black when exposed to the air) has very powerful anti parasitic, antiseptic, anti microbial, and anti fungal qualities, as well as being good for digestion and also useful as a mild laxative.

As you know consuming foods we are allergic to compromises the lining of the intestinal walls, which directly affects your immune system. It creates the perfect environment for parasites and bacteria to flourish. I battled this myself as a result of consuming dairy and soy for years, not realizing the harm it was causing my body; the constant ear infections, loose stool, stomach cramps, you name it.

It just so happens that the very walnut that tormented our yard and cars, would come to be an integral part of my recovery. My kinesiologist prescribed it, and along with other natural remedies, fixed the damage that years consuming milk and soy had done.

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