Friday, May 15, 2009

Avoid The Frozen Food Aisle

If a healthy diet is important to you, and I'm sure it is, then do you and your family a favor and avoid the frozen food aisle. This section of the grocery store is home to some of the worst offenders in the food industry, and I use the word "food" loosely.

It's here among the many frosted doors where you can find the quintessential processed food for that on-the-go person who has all but given up on cooking. There is a plethora of pre-made frozen dinners tailor made for anyone who dares to endure the frigid temps of this man made frozen tundra. There's meals for the hungry man, meals for those weight watchers, meals for kids, and even meals for those few healthy selects, and that's just a third of the aisle. These meals have been specially prepared by the manufactures top scientists with a long shelf life and your laziness in mind.

Let us not forget about those delightful frozen vegetables all cut up and prepared with any verity of fancy sauces made from the purest ingredients scientist can dream up. It's like natures second garden. And why shouldn't it be, it's not like there's a produce aisle with fresh unprocessed and even organic varieties of most any vegetable or fruit you could imagine...

Last but not least behind these magical doors you can find any number of varieties of frozen desserts, ranging from the non-healthy to the "fat free", "cholesterol free", "sugar free", basically free of anything that even closely resembles something that could fall into any of the major food groups, but best of all they're effort free and that's what entices all.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, a meal that requires little to no effort on your part to prepare offers little to no health benefit those who may it that is.

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