Monday, September 16, 2013

The direct connection between our health and the environment

I found this article to be very interesting, and for those into natural healing over today's pharmaceutical approach I think you will find this interesting as well.  As for those "pro-pharma" when it comes to preventing or fighting viruses, disease, or today's many health related disorders, it's an article worth your time.

Some interesting takeaways. . . those that have followed the "natural path" to health and wellness know that there is no "overnight fix".  This is because unlike the pharmaceutical approach the object here is not to mask or address individual symptoms, but rather to address the root cause. 

“It is very seldom that herbs are strong enough to kill germs. A few of them can, but then they become drugs. Killing germs isn't how traditional medicine works.It works instead by changing the environment, working to address imbalances in organ systems and tissue states, not targeting a specific bacteria with a single chemical extracted from a plant or synthesized in a lab.”

Our "oneness" with nature is another noteworthy point.  Western medicine fails to see the connection between our overall health and that of our environment; the air we breathe, or the water we drink, or the food we eat, and even the dirt beneath our feet.

“If there’s been a single disconnect in Western civilization, it’s this idea that somehow we’re separate or distinct from nature, when in fact the opposite is true… we’re connected to the ecosystems around us and we can really only be healthy when the land and the air and the water around us are also healthy. And if they’re not, it’s going to show up in our physical well-being.”

 And finally who can talk about pharmaceuticals without mentioning the dreaded side-effects.  So many in fact, just listing them takes up to 70% of the commercial ad aired on TV!  And unfortunately I think this only leads to viewers tuning this (the bad) out, so long as there is a chance this magic pill can cure us. . . As a society we have become numb to these warnings that need not be ignored!

"Most synthetic medications are based on compounds in plants. Scientists cannot create these substances but must, rather, try to make copies, But in their synthetic models they often end up with compounds that your body doesn’t recognize and doesn’t know how to handle. As Herbert explained:

“You target a particular chemical and you hit it really hard, and the system is expected to just have the response that you want it to have, but actually you have all these other effects… we call these side effects. They’re not side effects, they’re effects, they’re just not the ones you wanted.”

Along with many more interesting comments in the article there is also a documentary that is available for viewing which takes a far more in-depth look at this very subject.

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