Thursday, May 30, 2013

The attack of GE wheat!

It's bad enough that Monsanto will most likely sooner than later get approval to sell their GE wheat seed allowing them to complete the ultimate GMO trifecta (soy-corn-wheat) as they continue their pursuit for global agricultural domination.  Yet despite this eventual seemingly unavoidable blow to all those that fight this uphill battle against genetically engineered foods, there is always that small glimmer of hope that someday somehow people will finally wake up to the truth and acknowledge the damaging global threat that genetic engineering poses within our food industries.

So one can only imagine then the severity of such a finding as illustrated in today's news:

Non-approved strain of GE wheat found in Oregon.

Now we can speculate the how in "somehow" GE wheat has escaped testing facilities and infiltrated its way into this farmer's fields... or the who that could possibly be involved and whether or not this was accidental or deliberate.  We can even contemplate that pungent odor in the air that can only come from foul play, as we debate the possible conspiracy theories.  But you cannot deny the detrimental side effects that will cascade from such a scenario.

The act of isolating GMOs and assuring they NEVER infect non-GMO crops has always been one of the biggest fears amongst the organic community.  It has already happened countless times with the already approved GE crops (corn, soy, and canola), but this could be a first with a non-approved crop.  No doubt a true nightmare becomes reality scenario!

This fight against GMOs will no doubt be a long one, and whether or not it's a winning battle or a lost cause for those that oppose it, only time will tell.  But in the meantime it is crucial that those that who choose to buck the conventional (factory) farming system and practice a more organic sustainable farming approach, get that very opportunity without the fear of contamination!      

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