Wednesday, May 22, 2013

NASA awards grant for project that could end hunger, but at what cost?

Didn't NASA recently have its funding towards space exploration stopped (or limited), fueling countless billionaires to fund the next-gen in space travel?  And yet somehow they manage to muster up the funds to possibly end world hunger?

At first read (of the title) I immediately cringe at the very thought of the devastating possibilities this could have on human health and that of the environment.  And after giving the article a read NASA awards grant for 3-D food printer my fears are only justified. 

Why dose our future have to take this cyborg-istic evolutionary path of printing our food?

With all that I've learned about health and diet and the global benefits of getting back to nature as stewards of the land focusing on the importance of the microscopic world that exists beneath us, around us, and inside of us, it seems egotistical to think we can ignore (defy) this link with nature and simply turn to technology for the most basic of needs... food!

To me it seems like just another way for "industry" to control our lives.  Currently we have food manufactures, the factory farming industry, and pharmaceutical companies doing just that, and all we as a nation have to show for it are rises in both medical debt and the very chronic inflammatory diseases that put us there.  I guess from that angle though, food printing is the only logical next step...someone will surely benefit from this but mark my word, it wont be the consumer!

According to researchers on the project, except for insects, this "food alternative" will use mostly plant based sources to generate the protein, sugar, and carbohydrates required for printing.  The problem with this is, it's this sort of  high carb/sugar and low saturated fat based diet that is the cause of most chronic health problems.

So where's the healthy saturated fat and cholesterol in this printed food?  Absent of course.

And therefore where is the health benefit to those that consume it?  Absent of course.

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