Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why tracking sick animals is not the answer

I read an article yesterday about the USDA's new program to track farm animals.  Their reasoning is that by tracking the farm animal's movement (from CAFO to store) they will be able to better address contaminated food issues when they occur.  This is an expensive task that will no doubt waist tons of money and resources, with costs guaranteed to be passed down to the consumer in some way shape or form, all in an effort to aid a useless government agency in doing a job ASS Backwards!  Excuse my language...

Wouldn't it make far better sense to put the money and resources into fixing the problem (factory farming) instead of wasting far more money trying to address the unavoidable resulting problems created by our wrong doing in the first place?

Obviously to anyone with half a brain the answer is yes, but remember we are talking about a government agency here... NO BRAINS NECESSARY!

When animals are allowed to free range and not forced to live in overcrowded inhuman unsanitary conditions like cages and CAFOs, and when they're allowed to consume a diet nature intended (pasture and forage) with healthy vitamin D rich sun rays warming their feathers and fur while giving back to the land as much if not more than they take, we ensure that Natures perfect 'zero waste system' benefits all parties involved.

On the other hand when we feel we have the right to treat farm animals like widgets on a factory assembly line, then we are forced to pay the price... with interest!

Do the right thing and support your local organic sustainable farmer!  Only then will you truly know where your food came from.

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  1. Also, as we have learned, if you want to do a "pick your own" need to sign up early in the season before they sell out.

    It's going to be the "wave" of the future as more people become aware and health conscious.


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