Friday, April 19, 2013

The U.S. Gov. chases their tails over food poisoning

I realize this is 2 posts in 2 days on the same topic, but if its worthy enough to make headlines two days in a row then its worthy enough for me to comment on.  Especially when it only proves that the U.S. government is simply chasing its tail when it comes to controlling food poisoning.

Today's headline indicating food poising is on the rise in the US is not, nor should it be, shocking news to anyone.  Every month there is at least one headline making mainstream news regarding some sort of food recall over food poisoning or "possible food contamination".

The bigger story here however is not necessarily the number of food poisoning instances but rather how our brainless government agencies continues to police the issue.  Case in point...

Claiming that "Many of the bugs that sicken people live naturally in the digestive systems of animals, including people. Outbreaks of disease have been linked to unclean slaughtering processes and unhygienic meat handling." , which leaves much of the blame on slaughter houses is more of a scapegoat conclusion in an effort to avoid the BIGGER problem... Factory Farming!

Factory farming, CAFO's (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) to be exact, breed disease.  This is where the problem starts; not at the slaughter house where these sick unsanitary animals are brought in droves to be slaughtered and packaged.  With thousands of livestock standing, feeding, sleeping, and defecating in the same fenced in or caged in cramped area, the resulting food poisoning is an unavoidable consequence.  When the skin of cattle is literally caked with crap, teeming with harmful bacteria, as they're sent to the slaughter house, passing this on to the consumer is once again unavoidable.

It really doesn't take a genius to make the connection.  And with government officials blatantly stating the obvious, "Many of the bugs that sicken people live naturally in the digestive systems of animals" without actually addressing this problem only further adds to their ignorance.

It is not a secret that factory farmed animals are fed unhealthy diets typically consisting of GMO grains & soy, rather than what nature intended (pasture and forage).  As with humans, the immune system of an animal resides in the gut, and just as with humans an unhealthy diet that promotes inflammation and disease rather than promoting healthy gut flora can only lead to disaster.  And NO, giving these animals a cocktail of pharmaceuticals with every meal to try and lessen the chance of disease from occurring is NOT the answer!

In fact the answer, just as with humans, starts with a healthy diet.  It's an unavoidable truth.  The only thing an unhealthy diet leads to in both humans and farm animals is profit for those that fund poor diet (chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, processed food companies) and disease for those consume it!

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